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"...a family so twisted it makes Leatherface and crew look like Jehovah’s Witnesses."


"...tremendously creative violence."


"...its creators are so ingenious that they manage to turn a clichéd idea into a fun and surprisingly engaging story."


"The dialogue is the highlight of the script, and the performances are extremely high caliber—equaled by Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses."


"Andy Lalino and John Karliss are the real deal."

- Daulton Dickey, Film Threat


"FILTHY does more with 35 minutes to deliver than most films do in 2+ hours!"


"An amazing feat!  A great film!  FILTHY totally gets the UC Seal of Approval!!!"

- Steve "Uncle Creepy" Barton, Dread Central and formerly


"Its attempts to simultaneously fascinate and revolt the viewer are often alarmingly successful."


"It took real imagination to come up with something as nightmarish as, for instance, an apparition known as 'MeatMan"

- Shane M. Dallman, Video Watchdog magazine


"FILTHY is a stylish, polished, balls-out horror film"


"All involved are talented and dedicated, and their hearts (and various other internal organs) are splattered across the screen."


"...well-paced, genuinely twisted and gory."


"With its gleeful disregard for political correctness and creative gore, FILTHY will likely appeal to a wide audience." 

- The Gore-Met, Rue Morgue magazine


"Digest Your Dinner Before Watching It"

- Bob Ross, Tampa Tribune


"Manages to cram a lot of sick into such a small time frame."

- Johnny Butane, Dread Central


"Some of the grossest, shocking, and disturbing events ever displayed in a horror film." 

- Nolan Canova, Nolan's Pop Culture Review/Crazed Fanboy


"Genuinely frightening!  No-holds-barred, fluid-soaked horror!...FILTHY more than lives up to its title...The best of the lot!"

- Lance Goldenberg, Creative Loafing


"There have been several movies over the last few years that have appalled our very souls.  None IMO have offered the element that FILTHY does.  In under an hour Filthy holds true to its name and just straightforwardly disgusts you, thanks to the sadistic bobbing for apples scene! You may want a shower after watching this one folks. FILTHY is just nasty!!!"

- Tracy Crockett, Unspeakable


"FILTHY is an extremely well made indie short, that showcases a plethora of raw, young talent - just waiting to move onto bigger and better things."

- Lawrence P. Raffel, Monsters At


"If you are in the ballpark for a bright bit of stomach churning, colostomy bag-filling, testicle-bobbing, raw-meat-man-eating fun then FILTHY may just be your brand of compost.”

- Tim Anderson, Severed Cinema


"It's just so gross that after viewing this short film, you'll feel like you need to take a shower."

- Tommy Salo, Horror


"You want extras?  You got extras!  Everything but the kitchen sink here!"

- Lawrence P. Raffel, Monsters At


 "Could become a classic in the vein of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE"

- Shockerfest commentary, Shockerfest Horror Film Festival


"There's some suitably gross moments, as you would expect from the film's title, but it never oversteps the mark and veers into extreme cinema territory. Complemented by plenty of extras on this DVD release, FILTHY is well worth checking out and I expect good things in the future from Messrs. Karliss and Lalino"

- Steve, Carnival of Grotesque


"A creative, succinct, excellent film.  It would be well worth any horror fan's time to travel far off the beaten path to see this film.  More! Encore!!!"

- wOOf, IMDB boardie


"It had a decent story line with some awesome kills.  Including a couple I have never seen before."

- meeGS654, Horror Channel boardie


"...One of the most demented movies any of us had ever seen. MeatMan will slowly become a legend...Just wanted to say 'great job' to all involved and comment that everything from the packaging to the tons of extras were damn impressive.  Thanks for the twisted experience!!!"

- noizia, boardie


"MeatMan rules all."

- IC, Horror Channel boardie


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