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FILTHY is an award-winning short horror film (35 min.) shot in 2002 and released as an Ultimate Edition DVD to the general public in 2004.  It has screened at numerous film festivals and special events since 2003, and continues to be screened and in-demand to this day.  Select fans and critics have called it the most horrifying and disturbing movie ever made.  You decide!


Enjoying its 10 Year Anniversary release as on DVD in March 14th, 2014, Filthy was honored with a special tribute screening at the Gasparilla Film Festival (GIFF) in Tampa, Florida - its region of origin - to a crowd of fans and reunited cast + crew.


Filthy was shot in the spring of 2002 on Super 16mm motion picture film, and is highly regarded for its cinematography, sound design, special make-up effects, costuming, and editing.


Featuring an extremely talented cast and crew, Filthy will shock your senses to the core as you experience hallucinogenic monsters such as MEATMAN (one of the movie's most popular characters), PADRE, and the chilling MANNEKIDS.


The "humans" in Filthy are just as monstrous.  Follow the doomed exploits of sexy reporter DANA DIAMOND (Jennifer Bass), her sidekick videographer ROCKY (John Biebrich), and rival reporter LIZA DEVEROUX (Jessica Alexander) as they report on the "shock story" of the year, which leads them to a decrepit house in the urban jungles of Liberty City, Florida.  You'll sit breathless before you scream at the Filthy family: FERMENTIA (Sheri Lawrence) - the hag matriarch, LEONARD (Christopher Brooks) - Fermie's sadistic son, and PUSSEY (pronounced PUSS-EE) (Krista Grotte).


Can you take it?


Synopsis: When beautiful news reporter Dana Diamond searches for the ultimate story, she gets more than she bargained for. On riot plagued "Devil's Night", Dana is lured into an old, decrepit house by a sadistic transient named Leonard, promising real­-life violence she can capture on camera.  Inside, Dana endures the most brutal and unspeakable ordeal imaginable. Her terror crescendos as she is forced to marry Leonard in a twisted "Hallowedding" ceremony. Will Dana survive the unrelenting attack of her merciless tormentors? Find out in the savage, unflinching, horror tour­de­force Filthy!


Metropol Productions dedicates this motion picture to loved ones no longer with us:

Dolores A. Lalino

Thomas O'Keefe

James Bass

Bruno Brasil

Dave Winters


Rest in Peace


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